Product Details

6M+ Yellow Paper Roll

6M+ Yellow Paper Rolls are meant for smoothing wood, Iron, and Cemented Surfaces of make them ready for paint.

Yellow Paper Rolls are available in 80″ Inch and 180″ grit with dimensions of 50 meters length and 4.6″ inches in width. paper backing is imported from Finland, which is known for its paper quality.


6M+ brushes

6m+ brushes are exclusively made with imported hair and fibre to give a smooth and clean finish to walls, 6m+ brushes are supported with double layer of bristles for its long-lasting and excellent finish which makes 6m+ brushes best of its kind.

6m+ grinding Wheel

6m+ grinding Wheel is made for grinding of steel and iron to make the surface smoother and furnished. The fibre used to build the product is imported from Vietnam. which makes the product highly efficient.

6M+ Cutting Wheel

6M+ Cutting Wheel is built with fiber and sharp edges. This is the reason for more productivity. 6m+ cutting wheel is a highly efficient and durable product. This is the reason which enhances its working ability.

6M+ cutting wheel is available 4″ inch, 5″ inch and 14″ inch.

6M+ Flap Disk

6M+ Flap Disk is available with silicon carbide grains, Grits available with grit 60, grit 80, grit 100, grit 120. which gives sharp cutting and grinding to iron, wood and cemented surfaces.

6M+ Weather Guard Premium Damproof Exterior/Interior Primer

6M+ Weather Guard Premium Damproof Exterior/Interior Primer is unique kind of base coat. which gives high bonding to emulsion and unique touch to your walls with elegant finish and is highly fiberised product.

6M+ Silk Velveto

6m+ silk velveto is inteior/exterior high glose emulsion. Which gives absolutely unique touch to your wall with long durability.

6M+ Water Proof Putty

6m water proof putty is white cement based putty with 3 times water resistance. it provides best protetion from seepage and has best water proofing properties.



  • Highly improvised grains of aluminium oxide,with 40% cotton backing.
  • high quality performance suitable for all kind of surfaces.
  • range from 60 to 120.
  • 100% flexible.



High quality performance suitable for all kind of surfaces.
Composition :
paper, cured resin epoxy & silicon carbide.
Storage :
product should be kept in original package.
If not possible, keep it in dry place, away from source of
excessive heat, direct sunrays or moisture.
Safety information :
Sanding can be hazardous to the operators or to bystanders.
Sanding particles or spark can result in injury to eyes or other
body parts not protected by adepuate safety equipment. Always
wear safety glasses and approved masks/respirators
Appropriate for the material being sanded.
Ideal Storage conditions :
15 to 26 Celsius degrees and 35 to 50% of relative humidity. 50 Paper imported from Finland